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      Genealogical questions of the Vaughan Pioneers Research Group that YOU might be able to help us solve!


Introduction:  The Vaughan Pioneers Research Group is made up of Genealogists interested in researching the ancestry of William and Fereby Vaughan and John and Nancy Vaughan, as well as other related (and in some cases unrelated)families.  Rather then explain all the research our group is conducting, the following web sites should be visited for more information.  The three Vaughan Pioneer pages are our group’s pages.  Any other questions can be sent to

Query #4 – February 26th, 2008



In 2007 Y-DNA tests on descendants of Benjamin Franklin Vaughan (1815-1903) shown  that he was not related on his father’s side to either John Vaughan or William Vaughan.  The Haplogroup of Ben was R1a, different then that of John and William’s R1b1 type.

But there was a 67 out of 67 marker match to Bill Willard, who had no connection to the Vaughans. 


We know that John Vaughan, who married Nancy Callicott, was closely related to William Vaughan that married Fereby Benton.  DNA points to the family tradition that they were brothers.  Their DNA was very close.  We also suspect that William and John had a brother named Ligon, who married a sister of Nancy Callicott, but who died before he left any children.


Then jumping on down to Ben Vaughan, we know his Y-DNA does not match William and John's DNA, but instead is a perfect match to Bill Willard and a 36 out of 37 marker match to another Willard descended from John Willard.


So whatever happened in the family had to have occurred when Ben's mother had a child with a Willard male, OR, when James Vaughan's mother (Nancy Callicott) had James with a Willard male.


It had to be either Nancy Callicott or Martha Vaughan who had the relationship with the Willard male.


Now looking at the 7 Willard lines that have been tested so far, we see that Bill Willard and our Ben Vaughan descendants differ from these Willards as follows:


Test # 84415, a descendant of Richard Willard, who lived around 1568, five markers, one marker by two values.

Test # 81963, another descendant of the same Richard Willard as above, differs by 3 markers, all by one value.

Test # 76078, Danny Nicholas,  through his ancestor Beverly Willard who was born about 1750 in VA.  This Beverly had descendants that went into Wilson County, Tennessee -- differs from Bill and our Ben Descendants by 4 markers, all by one value.

Test #77591, another descendant through Beverly Willard as above, he differs by four markers, but one is by 3 values, and this marker also differs from Danny Nicholas' DNA by 3 too.

Test # 78665, also claiming to be from this same Beverly Willard, he differs from Bill Willard and our Ben Vaughan descendants by 7 markers, one by a value of 2, and two markers by a value of 3.  Clearly this man is not of the same Willard line and is unrelated.

Test # 793009  -- this is Edward Willard, through Huriah Willard, a brother to Bill Willard's Great x 3 grandfather.  Huriah was a son of Nixon Willard.  He differs by only 1 marker and it by only one value, clearly he is as related to our Ben Vaughan descendants as he is to Bill Willard.

Last, test #76526, this is Bill Willard's line, his ancestor is through John Willard, born about 1800, the son of Nixon Willard, and Nixon was a son of Samuel Willard, who had 6 children:  1.  William who married Sarah Gaulding 2. Nixon who married Sarah Robinson 3. Abner 4.Hugh 5. Lucy and 6. Polly


So obviously, our two best matches are to Samuel Willard.




Who was Samuel Willard?




Samuel Willard, married to Martha Edwards, about May 18th, 1756.  They lived in Prince Edward County, Virginia.




1. Willarm Willard married Sarah Gaulding


2. Nixon Willard married Sarah Robinson


3. Abner Willard


4. Hugh Willard (owned several hundred acres of land in Prince Edward County in 1805-07)


5. Lucy


6. Polly




The next step is to look at children 1 through 4 of Samuel.


I had speculated that the connection was in Tennessee, where Ben Vaughan was born in 1815.  But Bill Willard's line, as far as we know, did NOT go to Tennessee -- instead they went to SC and Georgia.  So I have began to wonder if it wasn't Martha Vaughan who had a Willard child at all.  What if Martha did indeed marry her first cousin James Vaughan and all of her children were by James.  BUT, what if James was actually not a son of John Vaughan, but instead, a son of Nancy Callicott's by one of the Willards of Prince Edward County.  Or maybe Nancy and John, a young married couple, took in an orphaned baby that they raised as their oldest son.  Either way, if this was the case, it would explain the Prince Edward County connection.  Nancy was born there and her parents lived there until they moved to Charlotte County in about 1783.  Maybe some Willards moved with them to Charlotte or  Nancy went back to Prince Edward county  to visit some relatives. 


Whatever happened, I’m very anxious to find how Samuel Willard’s line – his line or his ancestors’ line—ties into the line of Ben Vaughan.  If you have any information on either of these lines, or on any Willard family from Virginia, please e-mail me at:



Query #3 – February 24th, 2008  I’m looking for several descendants of William Vaughan and his wife Fereby Benton.  One of their daughters was Elizabeth Vaughan (1790-1845) who married James Callicott.  One of James and Elizabeth’s daughters was Ferriby Violet Louisa Callicott (1811-1841) who married George Tucker (d.1841 Madison Co. AR).  It is two of their daughters that I’m looking for.


Descendants of Violet Louise Tucker



Generation No. 1


1.  VIOLET LOUISE2 TUCKER  (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1828 in Wesley, Madison County, Arkansas, and died Abt. 1857 in Prairie Township, Madison County, Arkansas.  She married ABRAHAM MOSES "JACK" HINDS 1850 in Draketown, Madison County, Arkansas.  He was born January 20, 1827 in Fentress County, Tennessee, and died November 21, 1895 in Hindsville, Madison County, Akrnasas.




1870 Census Madison County, Arkansas-Prairie Twp.

#138  ( 0 / 400 )

A. W. Hinds  farm hand     45  m  Tn

Rachel                     40  f  Tn

John C.  farm hand         20  m  Ar

William A.                 16  m  Ar

Margaret                   14  f  Ar

America                     6  f  Ar

Renna B.                    4  f  Ar

Isaac R.                    1  m  Ar


1880 Census Madison County, Arkansas-California Twp.


Jack Hines      m   51  m        farmer     Tn Tn Tn

Rachel          f   46  m wife   KH         Ar Tn Tn

America         f   14  s dau               Ar Tn Ar

Bell            f   13  s dau               Ar Tn Ar

Holland         m   11  s son               Ar Tn Ar


The daughter of VIOLET TUCKER and ABRAHAM HINDS was:


4.      iii.  MARGARET ELIZABETH HINDS, b. April 03, 1857, Madison County,Arkansas; d. October 25, 1925, Orange, Orange County, California.



Generation No. 2


4.  MARGARET ELIZABETH3 HINDS (VIOLET LOUISE2 TUCKER, GEORGE1) was born April 03, 1857 in Madison County,Arkansas, and died October 25, 1925 in Orange, Orange County, California.  She married WILLIAM HENRY HANDLEY September 22, 1878 in Hindsville, Madison County, Arkansas, son of GEORGE HANDLEY and MARY A..  He was born November 03, 1853 in Tennessee, and died June 04, 1903 in Wagnor, Wagoner County, Oklahoma.



On the 1880 Madison County, Arkansas census, Prairie Township.


1900 Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Census, Township #20


William H. Handley 46 TN

Margaret E. Handley 44 AR

Elnora B. 20 AR

Gretchen (MALE) 18 MO

George W. 16 AR

Clara B. 14 AR

Toy    13 AR

William C.    5 IN (Indian territory)

Mary A. Handley 66 (William's mother)


1910 Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado Census


Margaret E. Handley widow 54 AR

Lenora         29      AR

Gretchen H. (male) 27 MO

George W.    25 AR

Toy              22 AR

William C.    15 Indian territory


1920 Orange, Orange County, California Census


Margaret Handley widow 63 AR

Lenora         38

William     24

Francis Chadborne 92 (border)




The daughters of MARGARET HINDS and WILLIAM HANDLEY are:

           i.  LENORA BELL4 HANDLEY, b. August 22, 1879, Arkansas; d. September 08, 1946, Orange, Orange County, California.



Lived with her brother at age 50 (1930) and apparently never married or had children.



         iv.  CLARA B. HANDLEY, b. Abt. 1886, Arkansas.




It is this Clara B. Handley that I’m researching – I’m trying to find if she married and had any children, especially daughters.  Does anyone have any information?  If so, e-mail me at:


The second line I’m looking at is:



Descendants of Mary Jane Tucker



Generation No. 1


1.  MARY JANE2 TUCKER  (GEORGE1) was born April 1834 in Washington County, Arkansas, and died Aft. August 1901.  She married ISAAC TITSWORTH 1849 in Madison County, Arkansas, son of JOHN TITSWORTH and CHARITY FINE.  He was born 1830 in Jackson County, Alabama, and died February 13, 1863.




1870 Madison County, Arkansas Census -- Prairie Township

175/179       Titsworth              Mary  36      AR

                   William        17      AR

                   Thomas         15      AR

                   Henry 13      AR

                   Margaret     11       AR

                   Charity        9        AR



1880 Madison County, Arkansas Census -- Prairie Township Dist. 106

162/169       Titsworth     Mary J.                47

                    William                  27 Son

                   Margaret               25 Daughter

                   Charity A.    23 Daughter


1900 Washington County, Arkansas Census -- Brush Creek District 98

93/93         Titsworth              Mary b.April 1834          AR/TN/TN

     Hom                 Violet b. May 1882 (Granddaughter)



1860 Washington County, Arkansas Census -- Brush Creek Township


176/71         Titsworth              Isac   30      AL    

                   Mary  26      AR    

                   Nancy 10      AR

                   William        8        AR

                   Margarett 6 AR

                   Ann    4        AR

                   Thomas         2        AR


His widow's Confederate Pension application states he was in Company K King's Arkansas Confederate infantry and enrolled from Washington County, AR.  He died while in service and she was granted $100 a year.  His birth place and death date comes from this record.  It also states they had 5 children before he died.


The daughters of MARY TUCKER and ISAAC TITSWORTH are:

           i.  NANCY3 TITSWORTH, b. Abt. 1850, Arkansas.

         iv.  ANN TITSWORTH, b. Abt. 1856, Arkansas.

         vi.  MARGARET TITSWORTH, b. Abt. 1859, Madison County, Arkansas.

        vii.  CHARITY A. TITSWORTH, b. Abt. 1861, Madison County, Arkansas.



Living with her mother in 1870 and 1880.


I’m trying to find if any of these daughters; Nancy, Ann, Margaret and Charity, married and had any children, especially daughters.  If you have any information, e-mail me at:




Query #2 – February 23rd, 2008  -- I found in Volume 3 of "Obituaries of Washington County, Arkansas" an obituary dated 3-2-1906 listed from the Springdale News that reads as follows:

VAUGHAN, Dalley (From Huntsville) Dalley Vaughan died at his home near Clifty Thursday of last week.  The deceased was a brother of Sheriff Vaughan.

There were two Ben Vaughans that were Sheriff of Madison County, one was my ancestor, Benjamin Franklin Vaughan b. 1815, who died in 1903.  The other was his grandson, Ben F. Vaughan, son of Pleasant Michael Vaughan.  This younger Ben was Sheriff from 1906 to 1908.  The thing is, neither man had any known brother named Dalley

The older Ben Franklin Vaughan's line lived all around Clifty.  So I suspect this Dalley Vaughan could have been his brother.  But I have no information on him, there is none found on the 1900 Madison or Washington County Census and I'd like to know if anyone knows of this man.  I don't think they mean Ben Franklin Vaughan's son James Polk Dallas Vaughan, as he died in August of 1909 and was Ben's son, not a brother.  Does anyone have any idea who Dalley Vaughan could be?

Does anyone have a copy of the Washington County Obituaries book that lists the 1909 obituaries to see if James Polk Dallas Vaughan is listed there?  If you know anything, e-mail me at:





Query #1 September 1st, 2007  Look at the following information – does any of it look familiar to you?  Are you a descendant from any of the men listed below?  If you are a male descendant or know of one still living of any of the men below, e-mail me at

James L. Vaughan, born 1795 in VA, married Martha Vaughan.  Some of their sons:

      1.  David Vaughan, born about 1810 in TN, died between 1860 and 1870 in Arkansas.  he, married Lucinda Coles.  They lived in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, mostly Washington and Madison Counties.  We’d like to find a man who descends from one of their following children:  1.  Benjamin Vaughan, born abt. 1833 2. William Vaughan, born about 1839 and  2. Jesse Vaughan, born about 1846.

      2.  Maborne E. Vaughan, born about 1815 in TN, d. after 1880.  He married Lucinda _____.  They lived in White County, Tennessee in 1840, Wright County, Missouri in 1850, Madison County, Arkansas in 1860, McDonald County, Missouri in 1870, and finally in Newton County, Missouri (living with his son) in 1880.  We’d like to find a male descendant of one of Maborne and Lucinda’s sons: 1. William Vaughan, born about 1839 in Tennessee. 2. Frances Vaughan born about 1844 in Arkansas. 3. John Henry Vaughan born about 1858 in Arkansas.  4. Hezehion Vaughan, born about 1850 in Missouri, 5. Zimri Vaughan, born about 1851 in Arkansas, living in Newton County Missouri in 1880 married to Margaret ____. 6. Henry Vaughan, born about 1858 in Arkansas. And 7.  Jobe Vaughan, born about 1861 in Madison County, Arkansas, living with his brother John in 1880, Newton County, Missouri.

      3.  William M. Vaughan, born about 1817 in Tennessee, died December 15, 1861 in New Madrid, Missouri.   He married Rebecca L. Smith in Washington County, Arkansas.  In 1850 he was living in Madison County, Arkansas and in 1860 in Franklin County, Arkansas.  He is said to have died in the Battle of New Madrid during the Civil War.  We would like to find a male descendant of one of the following sons of William:  1. Francis Marion Vaughan  born June 9, 1841 in Madison County, Arkansas, died Mary 24, 1929 in Afton, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.   2. Andrew Jackson Vaughan  Born October 5th, 1842 in Madison County, Arkansas, died sometime before 1900 in Missouri.  3.  John Benton Vaughan  born March 20, 1847, Benton County, Arkansas, died April 12, 1934 in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  4.  William Columbus Vaughan  born March 26, 1848 in Arkansas, died November 9, 1891 in Hickory Grove, Madison County, Arkansas.    He was living in 1870 in Warren County, Missouri.  5.  James Randolph Vaughan  born July 28, 1851 Madison County, Arkansas, died After 1934.  6.  Marion J. Vaughan born about 1854 in Arkansas.  7. George Vaughan  born January 1860 in Arkansas.

      4.  John Vaughan, born February 16th, 1827 in Tennessee, died August 27, 1863.  John married Caroline Foreste in 1852 in Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas.  He was living in Huntsville in 1850 as well as 1860.  We are looking for a male descendant of one of the following sons:  1. George Albert Vaughan born May 11, 1854 in Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas. 

      5.  Elijah C. Vaughan, born January 1832 in Tennessee, died in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.  He married Mary F. ____ and lived in Madison County, Arkansas in 1860, then in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri in 1870 and finally appears in Christian County, Missouri in 1880.  We’d like to find a male descendant from one of these sons:  1. Charles A. Vaughan  born 1867 in Missouri.  2. Robert C. Vaughan born February 1869 in Missouri  A. Benton Vaughan  born 1874 in Missouri.


      Jesse Vaughan, son of David, was living in Madison County, Arkansas in 1880 and had a son named Thomas N. Vaughan, born about 1867 in Missouri.  We would like to find a male descendant of Thomas.

      John Henry Vaughan, son of Maborne, married Mary Jane Thomas and may have actually kidnapped her from her family when she was only 13 years old.  He lived the life of an outlaw and tried hard to avoid census records.  It is known his sons included:  1. Sam Vaughan, 2. Walter Vaughan, born in Houston Texas.  3. Clyde Fred Vaughan, born about 1887 and died January 13, 1927 in Bossier Parish, Louisanna.  4. John Wesley Vaughan, born December 8, 1891, died April 18, 1918 in Louisanna.  5.  Homer Vaughan, born 1900.  6. Jessie Vaughan, born 1902 died between 1923 and 1925.  7.  John Henry Vaughan, born 1907 Hendersonville Texas, died 1991.  We would like to find a male descendant of any of the above 7 sons.

      Francis Marion Vaughan, son of William M., married twice, the first wife was Elvada ____ who died before 1900.  His second wife was Levina Cook.  They lived in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1880 and in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory in 1900, then in Ottawa County, Oklahoma in 1910 and 1920.  We’d like to find a male descendant of one of the following sons:  1. Ambrose Vaughan, born 1865 in Arkansas 2. Albert Columbus Vaughan, born September 1868 in Arkansas.  3.  Andrew J. Vaughan, born January 1870 in Arkansas, died December 23, 1946 in Benton County, Arkansas.  4.  William Vaughan, born 1872 in Arkansas.  5.  Francis M. Vaughan, born November 1878 in Arkansas.  6.  Clyde Vaughan born about 1897, died after 1920.  7.  George W. Vaughan, born about 1908 in Oklahoma.

      Andrew Jackson Vaughan  son of William M., married Ann Eliza Say in 1863 in Greene County, Missouri.  He appears in Greene County, Missouri in 1870, then in 1880, Polk County, Missouri, and then back to Greene County, Missouri, living in Springfield on the 1900 and 1910 censues.  We would like to find a male descendant of his son Harry S. Vaughan, born sometime after 1880.

      John Benton Vaughan  son of William M.., married Julia Ann McDinnis in 1870 in Hindsville, Madison County, Arkansas.  He was living in Delta County, Texas in 1880 and in Grayson County, Texas in 1900.  In 1910 and 1920 he was living in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.  In 1930 he was living in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  He and his wife are buried in Wellston Cemetery, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  We would like to find a male descendant of his son Pete George Washington Vaughan, who was born June 4th, 1895 in Grayson County, Texas and died on April 15, 1986 in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

      James Randolph Vaughan  son of William M., married Lizzie Elizabeth Lee in 1876.  When she died in 1918, he married Clara F. Douglas in October 1919.  He was living in Madison County, Arkansas in 1880 and in 1920 in Delaware County, Oklahoma.  In 1930 he was living in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  We are looking for a male descendant of one of the following sons:  1.  Albert Vaughan, born 1876 in Arkansas 2. James C. Vaughan, born 1884 in Arkansas and 3. Lee Benjamin Vaughan, born Feburary 23, 1888 in Barry County, Missouri, died July 1975 in Fairland, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

      George Vaughan the son of William M., married Nancy Dill about 1895.  He lived in 1880 with his sister and brother-in-law in Ash Grove, Greene County, Missouri, and in 1900 in Carroll County, Arkansas.  I don’t have the names of any sons of George, but if you know of one who had sons of his own, I would appreciate hearing from you.

      George Albert Vaughan  the son of John, married Mary Elizabeth Roberts in July of 1875 in Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas.  Two sons, Virgil and Willie Blake, died as young children.  If there are any other sons of George Albert, I’d greatly appreciate any information about them.

      Robert C. Vaughan  the son of Elijah C., married Maxine E. ____.  They lived in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri in 1900 and in Grayson County, Texas in 1910, then Dallas County, Texas in 1920 and 1930.



      Clyde Fred Vaughan  son of John Henry Vaughan, was shot by Police

      officers in Louisiana on January 13, 1927 in Bossier Parish.  Hehad a son sometime before 1927 named Clyde Fred Vaughan Jr.  If anyone has any information on Clyde Jr., I’d appreciate hearing from you.

      Ambrose Vaughan son of Francis Marion, married Annie T. ____.  He lived in Kay County, Oklahoma in 1910.  We are looking for a male descendant of his son Albert Columbus Vaughan  born about 1906 in Oklahoma, or any other sons that Ambrose and Annie may have had.

      Andrew J. Vaughan  son of Francis Marion, married Dicie Almeda Scott on September 23, 1893 in Carroll County, Arkansas.  They lived in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1900 then in Benton County, Arkansas in 1910 and 1920.  they are buried at Union Chapel Cemetery in Benton County, Arkansas.  We are looking for any male descendant of Andrew, and we know of one, William Marvin Vaughan  born September 30, 1894 and died August 30, 1946.

      Francis M. Vaughan son of Francis Marion, lived in 1900 in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory.  We are looking for any male descendant of Francis, such as his son William Vaughan  born August 7, 1907 in Oklahoma.

      George W. Vaughan son of Francis Marion, married Mary ____ and lived in Afton, Ottawa County, Oklahoma in 1930.  We are looking for any male descendant of George and Mary.

      Pete George Washington Vaughan the son of John Benton, was married 5 times, his wives included (in order) Laura Mae Godard, Anna Emiline Heck, Verna Taylor, Merle Green and Maggie Ray.  He lived in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma in 1920, and Lincoln County, Oklahoma in 1930.  He is buried at Wellston Cemetery, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  We are looking for a male descendant of George and Laura, though the only known son they had, James Benton, died as an infant.

      James C. Vaughan the son of James Randolph married Thelma ____.  He lived in Delaware County, Oklahoma in 1920 and 1930.   We are looking for any male descendant of any son of James and Thelma, such as Clellie T. Vaughan born about 1919 in Oklahoma.

      Lee Benjamin Vaughan  son of James Randolph, married Margaret L. ____.  He was living in Delaware County, Oklahoma in 1920 and Fairland, Ottawa County, Oklahoma in 1930.  We are looking for male descendants of any of his sons, such as:  1.  James R. Vaughan  born about 1916 in Oklahoma 2. Lee L. Vaughan born about 1919 Oklahoma. 

If any of the men mentioned in the query are your line or if you have any more information about them, please contact Eddie Davis at

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